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Re: Changing my number, A LOT, and I need a better way. Verizon wants $20 fricken dol

They may or may not, but most VOIP numbers and Gtalk, skype, and any number owned or has been owned by LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC TelcoData.US: Search by Area Code / Exchange is no good.

It's a long story, but I have tried like 100 numbers and the few times was able to call in then get a return phone call from a few people, they were either numbers that we have ported over from a carrier like Verizon, t-mobile, SBC so think any major cell phone carriers numbers like Verizon TelcoData.US: Search by Area Code / Exchange or LAN lines will work for me.

I appreciate all your help.

Now only if the words, "how to become a telephone company" did not return a cabillon results..

Oh well, thanks for your help and ideas, am looking for a low budget solution, I do not have enough to become a phone company.