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Re: Changing my number, A LOT, and I need a better way. Verizon wants $20 fricken dol

Originally Posted by sprinttouch666 View Post
um, I'm not too sure of the specifics but i know you can port your number to google voice now, i thought i heard something about actually changing it too. hope this helps in some way

maybe try to find an app that will spoof your number as a different one (if that would help, not sure because i have not idea what ur working on exactly lol)
Thank you!

But I need incoming numbers. I can spoof caller ID with ease, but I need phone numbers to get a call then after I get the incoming call, a way to reprogram a phone and then get another call on that new number.

The last guy I worked with got unlimited numbers because his parents ran a telemarketing business and they were basically a telephone company, as far as the outside world was concerned, thats how they got the discounted phone rates and unlimited numbers from SBC.

Hmm, maybe that is what I need. Does any one know how to start that?