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Re: SMS Ghost Unread - Sprint Stock ROM

Originally Posted by Eschelon View Post
It's caused by a welcome message that buries itself in a subfolder in your inbox

You don't even have to run the fix linked above. Just open your text messages then click where it says 'Inbox' up top and you'll see that you have 1 unread message under outlook email. That's the welcome message. Delete it and your unread count is back to normal
While this can be the case sometimes, I've run into the problem for different reasons.

I have had this occur twice and each time it was an error in the SenseUI. I would send a text using the SenseUI and while it would send to the recipient, it would also say I sent a text message to myself. That text that I apparently sent to myself would screw the phone up, despite saying I'd read it.

At least that has been my experience with this ghost message bug.
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