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Re: Microsoft's Brandon Watson will be on the next PPCGP! Ask your Qs!

1. Update frequency
CNET news has quoted that there will be three updates instead of two (as initially posited by Paul Thurott). What should the end user believe?
2. What are the specific details about NoDo and Mango (unless the latter is under NDA)
3. What are your options in lieu of the closing of Chevron? Will these be implemented in NoDo or Mango
4. How do you feel about communities such as ppcgeeks or xda-developers that thrive on modification of the "stock" mobile OS?
5. When are users to expect devices with higher specifications (dual core, NFC, and so on)
a.) in lieu of the changes in technology, would you be able to give a possible hypothesis of the new standard HW for wp7?
b.) In terms of legal issues, has Microsoft had any issues with XDA/PPCGEEKS to the point of issuing C&D letters against "developers"
c.) will there be more native code implemented to third party developers like OEMs?
6. With the changes in CDMA (LTE with verizon, sprint possibility and wimax for current sprint customers), will WP7 have support for these technologies in the Mango update due to support in "new" qualcomm chipsets (7x30 series I believe)
7. Zune experience seems to be lacking for users that listen to music from countries outside of America (like J-POP or B-POP). Will there be live tile support for US customers in the Zune interface? E.G. User has a song that's from another country, will Zune pre-fetch data if the musician/artist is added into the country zune marketplace?
8. Will there be support for avi (divx) codec? Or FLAC/OGM/MKV support in marketplace?
9. What suggestions do you give for users that can't access all of the Zune marketplace functions?
10. For many in America, bing maps seems to be a viable alternative for users, but many argue that google maps has a better system and more options. Will microsoft do anything to beef up bing map usability?
11. What about bing map support for other countries? In Poland, bing maps has been deemed almost useless. How would the development team correct usability in other countries
12. Will there be a microsoft skydrive program that allows users to sync and download their data via skydrive?
13. Recently, li'msn was pulled from marketplace. Can you clarify on why? Would you know?
a.) Will microsoft offer a TRUE messenger client (MSN) for the mobile device?
14. Any reason why programs on different platforms (iphone, android) from microsoft are so much better than on microsoft's own brand? Like msn, notes, and bing?
15. How do you feel about the current mobile clientele and what future options dodes microsoft have to increase capital on wp7 sales?
16. SD cards are a thing of trouble for users - with many that have legally or illegally updated their device sd card slot reporting some crashing and general slow loading. With these errors, will microsoft standardize nand memory?
For now I think that's more than plenty. I'll edit this post when I have more questions

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