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Re: Android/Linux for CDMA Touch Pro 2

hello, I just installed the android OS on my sprint touch pro2 and was trying to get the ringtones to work with no luck. I have found that Ringtones do work if you download Music Box, and Astro File manager from the market. Start musicbox and search for any song and download it. Click on the tab in musicbox called "downloads" find the song you just downloaded. Press and hold finger on the song and you get an option to set as ring tone. Now if you go to main menu/ settings/sound/phone ring tone you will notice the silent option is not checked any more. and the song you set is the ringtone now! what I have found now, is if you start Astro file manager and locate a song or ringtone you have stored where ever in your sd card, you can select a song/ringtone by holding finger on the file and you get an optionthat say "music options" click on that and then click on set as ring tone. This option was not avaliable until i used "musicbox" But it works for me now.
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