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[ROM] My touch 4g BETA V3 (1/11/11)

My Touch 4G

Thank you to all developers

the unrEVOked team



jbeitel for support

and tons of others that i may have forgotten pm me

I have taken over IDs My touch 4g rom.
there is still a lot to do but i thought i would give everybody an update.

not working:
1. camera ( i do have a temporary fix) ( download a different camera from market)
2. camcorder (freezes you must force close) (do not use - you have been warned)
3. genius button says no internet connection when doing web search.
4. force close when set options for roaming networks.
6. Browser ( i have a temporary fix) ( download a different browser from market)
may be more im still looking
7. no 4G (for obvious reasons)

1. battery %
2. remapped hardware search to genius button(some issues)
3. wifi
4. right rosie now working with Myfaves_
5. hotboot menu
6. browser has many issues if on a large website

wanting to do: (all at some point)

1. add transparency capabilities to the lockscreen wallpaper
2. add transparency to notifications menu
3. add transparency to app drawer
4. make custom themes (having fc issues after install)

I decided to just put up a beta even with the issues.

My Touch Inc BETA V3

(remember this is a beta i will work on getting everything fixed but it
takes time)

getting around 2000+ quadrant score (when overclocked to 1228 mhz)

Please click here to donate and help me keep developing. Thank you

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