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Re: Disappointed by Microsoft's CES Keynote?

Originally Posted by rrjskj View Post
i was gonna diss sprint and vzw but i aint i think imma go android here soon mostly because i think vzw and sprint let microsoft shoot its mouth off bout its early 2011 release only to find out late june is when we can expect wp7 devices not really tryin to diss microsoft either but they kinda dissapointed alot of cdma users like myself with the lateness anyways im a believer if u say one thinh stick with it not switch up 2 months later with bs i know every phone has bug issues but then these are just my retarded thoughts
we really don't know whose at fault. I can say that microsoft will be releasing wp7 and verizon will be the first CDMA carrier to have it (probably by the end of the month or very early february). What discourages me from sprint is the fact that the 7 pro was billed as a sprint exclusive, and the following week, users see GSM version coming first. While its normal for that to happen in the HTC scheme of things, it wasn't the case with the evo. I'd be concerned with sprint if I were you