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Re: Jan.03.11 VINdows ROMs (Neo All in One update Radio 2.37 WV)

Originally Posted by ffkip911 View Post
which version? any additional cabs or reg edits???

VIN 1/3 Neo (radio 2.35) is rock solid. Best batti life I've seen in a while. running cht 2.0 but sill have 75mb free after running all day. off the charger for an hour, pulling email (2 accounts) every 10 min--10 SMS and still at 98% battery. 2.35 works great downtown seattle and bellevue and south to renton...full signal in the entire southend.

I just re-flashed the Pluto Rom, that will probably fix it. Thanks for the response, and a BIG THANK YOU, VIN, for probably "THE BEST ROM" I've flashed.

Cabs installed:

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