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Re: [ROM] Project: Teya 1.3.0 [23-Dec-2010]

what i gathered so far: this rom is a great upgrade from an already awesome rom, smooth, fast and looks great. a few things i noticed so far is the 'show lock button' in CHT does not work. it does not allow you to apply the change in CHT editor. not a big deal, i just added the screen lock app to a quick link. also, the connection manager wasnt in the start menu program list, i had to add it in order to put it in one of my quick links. other than that the only other thing i noticed was that when the phone first loads up it reverts back to the original default wallpaper until sense loads then switches to the wallpaper i have set. and it takes a little longer for the phone to load after a soft reset than in the previous build (1.1.0) but this may be due to the phone applying the sms patch for wm messaging. i will dig a little deeper into this rom tomorrow...
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