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Re: |RHODIUM CDMA|..`..- Energy -.. * |Dec 13| 21916|29005 * Sense 20

thank you all specially davidnt, I love this rom now...
my phone did a great job on the sms but it is not good for contacts outlook does much better. my phone creates duplicates.
I did the overclock to 710 and it is running nicely. thanks to davids signature again.

couple more questions about this ROM:

1. How do I use CTRL C and CTRL V on this phone and rom?

2. my contacts pictures look fuzzy since this phone has an awesome screen, what is the best way to redo the contacts pictures to make sure they have clear resolution?

3. I see the program CITY ID is that a shareware or it will stop working in 15-30 days? any free replacement for it if it is a paid program?

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