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Exclamation Droid 2 Global Maintenance Update - YOU NEED THIS!

So this news is a few days old but i'm adding it here anyways because it is not listed.

The Verizon Droid 2 Global has a new maintenance upgrade that was release over the weekend and being rolled out nation wide in regional groupings to keep the servers live and downloads rolling smooth.

(My phone updated this morning)

Improvements from (Maintenance OTA release):

+ Device now prepends 011 to Country Code to send
SMS messages.
+ Device no longer indicates "No Service" after powering up.
+ Device no longer resets when changing from Global Mode to
GSM/UMTS communication.
+ Device now refreshes the user interface display when switching
from GSM/UMTS to Global Mode.
+ Eliminated the blank screen when dialing the call forwarding
string *71.
Other improvements:
+ Improved audio during voice calls.
+ Reduced user interface lock-ups.

The list above is courtesy of The original article can be found at DROID 2 Global Maintenance Update on its Way, Bug Fixes Galore | Android Phone Fans

Go to Settings -> About Phone -> System Updates to upgrade your phone today! =D>

PS. - No this does not include the 1.6 Marketplace. That upgrade has yet to hit our phones. (To my knowledge anyway)