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Stock Sense to open appointment in POL ?

After getting my first SOD after 6 months of owning the phone, I decided to go easy on it & only install the applications I absolutely must have (not probably related to this issue, but more of an overall KISS thing - I want a stable phone that provides me with features I need, with least amount of tweaking).

So, after a HR I decided to use a stock Sense instead of all-too-powerful but sometimes problematic CHT2.

Surprisingly, I like it. I wasn't using most of the widgets anyway due to stability issues, and I find that I can live just fine with 9 quicklinks and a well organized Start menu.

So that leaves Calendar. I don't mind having just one appointment show up in Sense - I can see more by just clicking a button.I turned off HTC Calendar tab - it takes a while to refresh the all-day appointments, and I can get more info faster by simply starting POL that comes up instantly. I hate looking at HTC Cal tab and not knowing if what I see is all or if it is still refreshing.

But the behavior of Sense calendar widget really puzzles me. If I have any appointments on a given day (and I almost always do), clicking on the appointment brings up HTC Calendar tab, but since I turned it off it does nothing (shouldn't it just bring up HTC Calendar app instead) ? That's OK, I have POL calendar in the topmost row of links. (However, if there's a registry edit to switch Sense taps to POL, please let me know).

But if I don't have any future appointments on a given day, things get interested. I thought it would show me the next appointment, whenever that is; it doesn't. It seems to be set to only show today's appointments and I couldn't find a setting to change this. When there's no appointments left today, it shows a small calendar icon and a word "Calendar". Now, if I click on that, POL starts up !


So, to summarize:

- if I have appointment shown in Sense widget, clicking on it does nothing if the Calendar tab is turned off.

- if I have no appointments left today, clicking on Calendar widget brings up Pocket Outlook calendar. (see screenshot)

Can this behavior be modified without installing any mods ? (E.g. by editing registry) ?
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