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Got TP2 off ebay, will not program/PRL update!

I just purchased a used Touch Pro2 off ebay to upgrade from my Vogue, and it has a few issues.

The first and biggest issue I will address here: I cannot program the phone or even perform a PRL update. The phone is for a pre-paid account, but after calling Verizon Customer Service, I verified that the ESN is clean and that the phone should be able to activate service for prepay.

When I attempt to activate the phone via VZW's website, this is the error I get: "PLAN EQUIP CODE PMS INVALID FOR XV6875/DACC P0376." I plan on calling customer service or even going into a VZW store in the coming days to try and address this issue, but was wondering if anyone else had any ideas?

I am moving this account from my A930, and it is asking me to add a data plan (which I am okay with doing since I need it). I had the phone unlocked briefly, but I relocked it after needing to reflash to the stock rom. Current rom is stock MR3.

The phone has been tinkerd with by its previous owner, has they had to replace the LCD display. I'm wondering how anal HTC would be about trying to send the phone in for warranty work (and if I could even try that since I didn't buy the phone).

Phone seems to get reception fine, and I checked all the EPST settings vs the ones found in this thread, and found no major discrepancies, except for some country codes (and those codes match the ones found in my Vogue's EPST settings).

The tilt feature (when you open the keyboard) that changes the screen orientation is completely shot. Not worried about this (yet).

Anyone with any information would be helpful! Thanks ahead of time!
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