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Re: Pandora for Touch Pro2?

Originally Posted by kajex View Post
I've tried a few of these CABs out, but the font is sooooo small, and it's nearly impossible to hit the buttons without a stylus. Is there a version that has a larger font size? If so, can someone please let me know which CAB it is?
Yeah, it is super small...... but it works pretty darn good. I passed on my Touch Pro 2 when I upgraded to the Droid2, and the D2's Pandora is an actual app, so it's perfectly integrated, it's amazing.
August 12th... Droid-2! Still undecided; but leaning toward purchasing, as a phone to "tide" me over (according to great advice from ckeegan) until truly remarkable devices are released from Verizon fully operation on 4G networks in 2012!
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