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Re: PHONEFUSION Visual Voice Mail Sucks TP2 Read:Cust Support Log. Better App found??

Travis: October 23, 2010 it shows my messages one hour in the future

Support : October 25, 2010, 5:40 AM on your phone or on the web?

Can this be what is causing my duplicate messages and error messages when using the app on my phone. "message does not exist" "unable to download"
The app on my phone and the web show message left time 1 hour in the future. Hawaii does not participate in daylight savings programs.
I hard reset my phone and re installed but the same problem.

Support : October 27, 2010, 9:08 AM Is it possible your phone is set to day light savings time?

Travis: October 28, 2010 not that is not possible. my phone is set to GMT 10 Hawaii. And is synced by the sprint network. The time is incorrect on your web sight so that tells me it has nothing to do with my phone. How many active Hawaii users do you have? Are they having this problem? You can create a test account your self and set it to hawaii time you will see it will be messed up on your test account also.

Support : October 29, 2010 I have been testing on a phone all morning here that I set to -10 GMT and all VMs have the correct time stamp. I'm going to try a few other things to see if I can make it happen.

Support: November 2, 2010, 4:10 AM Dear Customer: Being that we have had no reply to this ticket, we will assume that all related issues are now resolved. Please submit a new ticket if you have any questions. Thank you, PhoneFusion Customer Support

Travis: November 2, 2010 ok then consider this a new ticket for the same unresolved problem.

Support : November 3, 2010, 5:22 AM With my testing, I left multiple messages on my Hawaii account and they all showed the correct time, 5 hours behind my time. I'm in south Florida.

Travis: November 3, 2010 So, you are in the -11 time zone? I don’t think so! You and I are 6 hours apart. It is 9:07AM here in hawaii and it is 3:07PM in Miami.

Support : November 4, 2010, 5:00 AM Travis, I have changed your time zone to -11 JUST FOR TESTING. please leave yourself a new message and let me know if it comes in in the correct time. Our TimeZone settings are going off of GMT not our local time zone.....

Travis: November 4, 2010 Ok I had my wife call me today and leave a message at 12:40pm my time. I checked the message on the app om my phone and it shows 1:40pm. Still has the exact problem. I also sighned in to and checked the message it showed 12:40pm. Yea its correct! Your website also use to show one hour in the future but now you fixed it. Thanks.
Do you have any ideas as to how I can fix the app? Im using version 2.5 07/02/10 08:00. On my HTC Touch Pro 2 with windows mobile 6.1 Pro. I have done a soft reset today so I dont think that will help. Shall I re install your app?

Travis: Nov 5th 2010 You had me leave my self a test voice mail that I emailed you about. I just noticed that I was using Samoa GMT -11:00 during my test. I had changed it days ago to fix the online time. So I re tested at 11:30PM 10-04-2010 my time using 4 different time zones on your web sight. The Samoa GMT -11:00 is the one that gets me the correct time on your websight. But none of them fixed the time on my phone app. So I changed my phone time its self to Samoa GMT -11:00 and now the phone app shows the correct time. I re installed your app but that did not change anything. Can I just change a registry entry in your app to put a bandaid on this?
Unfortunately now my phone shows on the main clock the current time of Samoa 1 hour in the past instead of hawaii time. This affects my entire phone, all apps and call history... But maybe now your app will not have duplicates and will stop giving me all the error messages like message does not exist, can not download... I think its all related with the time being wrong when its trying to sync. I really want this app to work.
The only other choice I can find is Clementine Visual Voice mail but it is in a different language and I cant even tell if it can work for me. It is supposed to work like the sprint Instinct. Like you add the real sprint visual voice mail for the Instinct to your phone plan (even though I use the touch pro 2) and clementine visual voice mail handles it, You should check it out. Or there is YouMail but they have no app for WM and Im not a fan of all the time it takes to load up my phones web browser and log in to check my voice mail.
I get 80 calls a day and its a struggle to answer them before they go to voice mail. My phone is my secretary, its gps guides my tow truck, pocket excell tracks and logs my used auto parts requests... My phone is always maxed out and getting hot. 2200 contacts causes your app to take a very long time to load so I got rid of half of them I did not need. I'll erase more contacts when I find the time to sort through them. I do like that it syncs with my contacts but I wish there was a (SKIP) button I could hit when Im in a hurry (pass this idea on).
Any way sorry for my ranting. Let me know what you find out. I still think the heart of this 1 hour time problem is due to your web sight and your app thinking Hawaii participates in daylight savings. If so then you have got 2 more days to figure this out before it corrects its self for the winter when daylight savings time ends any way. If you need to know the current time in Hawaii dont count from gmt, just google it or call me. Travis 808-557-9058

Travis: November 8, 2010 So my messages started coming in at the wrong time today so I returned my time zone back to hawaii time on your websight and on your app on my phone. Now all is good. Did you fix it or was it fixed because daylight savings ended?

Support : November 8, 2010, 4:07 PM We didn't change anything. Something didn't know when to change time... I hate DST J
Travis: November 8, 2010 Duplicates are back. My phone loaded your app like it was trying to show me a new message. So I went on my desktop and logged into your web sight and saw someone had just left me a message. I listened to the message on the web. The phone app still had not shown it. I hit sync on the phone app. The message showed as heard already because I heard it on the web. I listened to it on the phone any way. Later a duplicate un heard message showed up on the app.

I try to listen to the duplicate on the phone app and get error (An error has occurred. The application will now exit, If the problem persists, please contact us at I can still listen to the heard message. Reloading the app takes a long time with to many contacts.
I restart the app then I try to delete the duplicate on the phone app and when I empty the trash I get (Permanently Delete 3 Messages?) then I hit yes and it works the duplicate is gone, but now when I try to listen to the original heard message it says (Message does not exist) followed by (Unable to Download).
I try to delete the original heard message on the phone app and when I empty the trash it works. But I did not really want to delete this message.

Do people with the android app have errors?
Are you still updating / fixing the WM app?
How do I stop this? What is causing it?

well I hope you can find out what is was and fix it before DST comes back to mes it up again. I have not had any duplacate messages or any errors on the app today. YEA!
I have read about others having this problem and switching to Youmail. It is very annoying having so many messages in the app that cant be deleted or downloaded because I have already deleted its duplicate. I will reinstall to get rid of them. Let me know if you figure it out. Thanks

Support : Nov 9th 2010 Travis, Users across the board have errors/problems. It is usually something related to something on their device or general user error. We are always updating our app as needed. The duplicates may be occuring if you have voice to text turned on. it will take a few minutes for the message to reach the app because we are waiting for the message to be transcribed. would suggest waiting for the message to get to the app and listening to it that way.

Support : Dear Customer:

Being that we have had no reply to this ticket, we will assume that all related issues are now resolved.

Please submit a new ticket if you have any questions.
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