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Angry PHONEFUSION Visual Voice Mail Sucks TP2 Read:Cust Support Log. Better App found??

Ok so my next post is the log of my interactions with customer support: Its long so if you want you after reading this post you can just skip to Post 3 and read other peoples replies. Please post your suggestions, thoughts, and comments on this. But Dont Quote this entire post. I dont want to clutter up the thread.

I am very frustrated with FVM Phone Fusion Visual Voice Mail. I tried it on my TP2 running stock rom 6.1 pro. It sucks. I have been back and forth with tech support. They are fast at responding but I think although cust support denies it I think they have stopped improving the app for WM platform. I uninstalled it but it is still there trying to open all the time. My poor battery.

It crashes,

has many errors.

Cant delete 20% of messages.

It's syncing set up is horribly faulty causing duplicates and ghost voice mails.

Time zone problems.

Takes a lone time to load if you have over 500 contacts.

It doesn't play nice with Pocket Shield one of my most favorite programs.

Here is a link to a youtube about Fusion Visuial Voice Mail.
YouTube - iPhone's Visual Voicemail vs. FVM Plus
I love the idea of
Fusion Visuial Voice Mail and if it worked like it was supposed to nothing could beet it. You can even get a fax on your phone.
But I give up, I just have Fusion send my voice mails to my email now. My pocket outlook handles syncing much better but I hate waiting to here my voice mail. I will switch to Youmail next week because they have a online mobile friendly voice mail checking solution and can also forwarded voice mail to my email. But no app. Youmail is also free. I wish someone would create a good visual voice mail app.

I read that Clementine Visual Voice Mail is very different but it is in a different language and I cant even tell if it can work for me. It is supposed to work like the sprint Instinct. Like you add the real sprint visual voice mail for the Instinct to your phone plan (even though I use the touch pro 2) and clementine visual voice mail handles it, You should check it out if you know that language and let us know how good it is. Or there is YouMail but they have no app for WM and Im not a fan of all the time it takes to load up my phones web browser and log in to check my voice mail.

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