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Re: |RHODIUM CDMA|..`..- Energy -.. * |Dec 1| 21916|23149 * Sense 20

Originally Posted by mquinn View Post
This will be my third post and no answer but has anyone had a problem with syncing there phone? After the Nov 25th flash my phone will not do anything but charge when I hook it up to my computer. Thank You
Besides the other suggestions:

Try a different USB port on your computer, not just a different cable. I've had to do this before.

Restart your phone in bootloader mode. This should allow you to connect in almost any situation. Once connected flash a different ROM or re-download the same one again.

Task 29 first.
Don't backup any settings or REG with XDA-UC just in case.

If bootloader mode won't connect it could be the USB port on you phone.
Flash a new ROM from storage card. Again if you want to use the same ROM, re-download it.
Use a fresh storage card or re-format your old one first.
Not sure if you can Task 29 from storage card, I'd flash a stock ROM instead, as supposedly Task 29 is included in stock ROMs.

On that note : How come Task 29 isn't cooked in to any custom ROMs. Is it really in stock ROMs. Does anyone know?
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