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Re: [ROM] Project: Teya 1.0.0 Released 03-Dec-2010

Could not resist and had to try out the ROM overnight while following a game on the internet! Teya is indeed a very impressive and responsive ROM. Did not see any lags and Youtube works great! Great show jmart518!! Was not able to try out text messaging since it was too late at night to text anyone but had the following comments and questions since I am sure it is something I must be doing wrong.

1. Most of the programs did not have the "X" button at the bottom to exit. For example, file explorer, SIM card manager, phone, etc. I remember going through the cutomization and the show X button was on. Thinking back, I should have turned it off and on to see if that worked. I had to find the task manager and close the programs.

2. It is great to see a custom ROM which displays the phone number country code automatically and has the options to choose another. The ROM recognized the country code for U.S. right away. However, plus code dialing did not work. I was able to dial out using 1-xxx-yyy-zzzz to U.S. numbers but not +1-xxx-yyy-zzzz. When dialing the latter and pressing the green Talk button, the number would disappear and the Talk button would stay green like it was still waiting for a number. I went through the options and could not find anything that needed to be turned on. I did not dial an international number --- an oversight on my part.

Looking at the above two items, I am sure it must be something I am doing wrong or overlooking. I plan to try this out again after a trip and when I am more awake! Can't wait! Wish I had been bold enough to beta test it...

One thing I noticed is when I flashed back to another ROM, the startup screen after the flash (the one which says htc something immediately after the flash is completed and the phone starts to come up) stayed as the one in this ROM. Don't know if that is how the flash process behaves and remembers the previous ROM startup image.

Thanks again jmart518 for a very promising ROM!!!
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