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Re: [ROM] Project: Teya 1.0.0 Released 03-Dec-2010

Ok.. this is THE BEST ROM I've used so far. I'm convinced that this COM3 23149 build is the most stable for this phone and provides best performance. It is the same or similar one used in the PDAVIET and Fulldeck ROMs. Your touches on this ROM make it easy to configure and just a joy to use! Here is some detailed feedback:

- LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the customization option it gives the user the ability to switch start menu options which I dig. For me I tend to lay off the CHT 2.0 customizations and this helps even more.
- Great job with automatically customizing the MMS server settings, makes this build easy to get going and less having to do yourself.
- Youtube HQ working (consistently!)
- Location settings worked right away, setting up Facebook data settings took and my contacts updated right away without having to configure, disable, and re-configure again.
- Extremely snappy and fast performance esp. if you turn off alot of the CHT 2.0 extras.

- CHT still gives an error whenever you make some changes but that could be a bug with CHT.
- Microsoft Myphone cab is outdated, I can provide you with a newer cab (version 1.6.2718 )if needed.
- Message tab contains code-text of the labels and not what the labels should be, eg "IDS_MESSAGING_NEW" instead of "New Message", "IDS_MESSAGING_DELETE" instead of "Delete", etc. I'm sure a small oversight.
- Where is Windows Media Player?
- Data connection needs to be set up manually, can that be automated too?

- Great design, graphics, icon set. I would suggest some other static/darker background templates for others that may have a hard time reading white text against a picture.
- The 1 EXE file download is great, it makes it easy and painless to install esp. for those who like 1-click install methods. I would suggest a separate link for the IMG file alone in case someone wants or needs to flash from the SD card. [Right now for those that need it, get a good compression utility program like 7-zip and you can extract the IMG file from the EXE file.]
Favorite ROMs for Imagio right now:
Project Teya - THE BEST I've used!! =D>
- Very Clean D2C2 ROM Ver 3a -> Notes/Tips/Bugs
- Stedysoft FullDeck R14 -> Notes/bugs/tips HERE

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