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Re: [ROM] Project: Teya 1.0.0 Released 03-Dec-2010

I have to say, your attention to detail is unmatched jmart518! This ROM is beautiful from beginning to end, even the installer and boot screens are gorgeous! I haven't ever used CHT before, and I like how your defaults are set up for e-mail/home/messaging by default here -- the core competencies of mobile device communication. The graphics are amazing all around, and your choice of a default wallpaper is great ... taking the Imagio down the road and into the future.

I am most impressed with your ROM. Unfortunately, for me, the Imagio is just too darn slow to handle all the coolness you cooked in here. I feel bad for saying that, actually, since it really is beautiful. I think I've been a little tainted by jumping to a Galaxy S as my main smartphone for the past few months, the poor Imagio just can't compete with that device on a hardware level.

Everything I tried to do so far has worked PERFECTLY though. Especially love the automatic MMS fix-up and the list of default apps you have is just right IMO. Not so much that you'd consider "bloat" but no need to download a single thing to get your core setup into action. Very nice. Again, the attention to detail is borderline mind-boggling.

While I don't think Teya is necessarly for me given my Imagio's very reduced role as a backup device nowadays, I think you did a wonderful job here and there are a LOT of ppcgeeks that will be just as impressed as I am with it.

My rating = 9/10! Missing point is only because the Imagio isn't powerful enough (seemingly) to run all the cool toys you included. Otherwise, it looks and works great! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!
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