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Re: Who's getting the Dell Venue Pro?

Don't get me wrong because I am a Dell Partner and a huge fan of the Venue Pro. I just want to make sure you have your facts. Dell replaced all of their employee's phones (brand left out intentionally) with Venues (25,000) and then took them back due to the problems including those mentioned, here, and including my phone. I can't wait to get it back because it may, potentially, be the single best device I've ever held in my hands. A solid business-like feel and even though the keyboard is a vertical slider, it's near the size of some of my early HTC keyboards. Here is a picture of the article you refer to and notice the date of the article. This date is actually pre-launch and none of the unfortunate hardware challenges were known, yet. Makes for good discussion, though, and all here are certainly more informed than the masses. When the Venue launches for good and I get mine back, I will definately be using it because the TP3 is not going to cut it for me.


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