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Re: |RHODIUM CDMA|..`..- Energy -.. * |Nov 13| 21916|28244 * Sense 20

Originally Posted by Fr3nZy View Post
Where can I get the Aug.25 Sense 2.5 cookie rom? I've searched everywhere the only one I could get is the GTX rom Energy.RHODCDMA.23678.Sense2.5.Cookie.GTX.Aug.25

I have to back date. Best way to deal with the DRM issue. I don't care about the lasted updates or build version when I'm on the subway and my phone becomes useless than it can ever be because I can't carry my music with it.
It seems like this community built branch of WM currently in use will not have working DRM until it's properly understood or all the DRM dlls and files become compatible with each other...or a build from an 'official' branch with functional DRM is used. Like the aug.25 build.
I've got Energy.RHODCDMA.21914.Sense2.5.Cookie.Aug.25 and Energy.RHODCDMA.23678.Sense2.5.Cookie.Aug.25. Let me know and I'll PM a link.
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