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Re: |RHODIUM CDMA|..`..- Energy -.. * |Nov 13| 21916|28244 * Sense 20

Originally Posted by japper88 View Post
your phone doesn't lag at all? without over clocking using senseUI my phone would lag going from home screen to outlook, I just couldn't deal with it!
I use Outlook with three accounts and don't really notice the lag. I only download 30 days of messages. Can you describe your lag? Does it happen when you're going into mailbox or just to get to the Outlook tab?

Originally Posted by jonlee83 View Post
Does anyone have the aug 10th energy cookie rom with 21911 or 21916 (whichever its was in aug) with cht 1.8.5?
I remember using that when i first switched and it was butter smooth.

For people who remember that ROM, do you think the newest one is better because it seems none of the rom i used after that one was a smooth.
You've got a PM. August 10th seems like such a long, long time ago...

Originally Posted by Timbaland7 View Post
I've been searching for about an hour... anybody have a color theme to the action screen? I've had one in the past (Bignadad, I think), but can't find it anywhere.

Something like this? I haven't tried any of them but they're WVGA so theoretically they should work on TP2. If you try them, let us know!

PS. Sometimes it's easier just to do a Google search like this "action screen wvga" The results might surprise you!
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