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Re: |RHODIUM CDMA|..`..- Energy -.. * |Nov 13| 21916|28244 * Sense 20

Originally Posted by ooxteme View Post
Does anyone that uses SPB Mobile Shell know if there is a way to get slightly different widget themes without installing a completely different theme. I just want to get some different clocks and stuff like that without blowing everything up. (Basically anyone have any good recommendations?) TIA.

@Kiowa69 Over at XDA in there winmo themes sections there is a guy named MSkip. I use for all my SPB themes. They are very complete and look great!
Everything seems to be a complete theme change (meaning not just different skin for widgets) or the widgets are not for WVGA.

Any recs or anything you personally use?

Originally Posted by sly View Post
Hmm...I go away for a little bit and it seems this has turned into an SPB Mobile thread?! Well, boys and girls, I'm happy to say I run NRG's ROM naked! No TouchyXperience, no iPhoneyToday, no CSM, no 0 PP, no OC, no battery-saving cabs, nada! Heck, I don't even bother to Task29, flash to stock, or make sacrifices to the ROM god(dess) before flashing!

Other than some transparency cabs, I'm running with CHT2.0 as-is. Battery life on 28244 seems worse than previous 28xxx but I charge at my office desk, in my car, and at home. I rarely ever go down below 80%. I'm happy with my 60mb RAM! Sure, I soft-reset every couple days before heading to bed but that only takes a few seconds. I haven't had an SOD or a freeze or any mysterious behavior yet.

NRG, thanks for the tremendous job with the ROM!

[Disclosure: I'm a computer guy and computers/phones tremble at my presence. YMMV]
your phone doesn't lag at all? without over clocking using senseUI my phone would lag going from home screen to outlook, I just couldn't deal with it!

Please remember to THANK me if I helped you!

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