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Re: [ROM] Azrael v2.5 (for hardware 0001, 0002, and 0003) Updated 11/15/2010

Originally Posted by ricsim78 View Post
Part of IT is not only how good you are at repairing the stuff, but how good you are at dealing with the people.

Forthright and rude are two different things.

I worked 10 hours, redid 2 ROMS, posted both ROMS on two different forums, redid all 4 posts for both ROMS, made MODS, uploaded everything, helped people on XDA (where I get a lot more traffic).

I can go back and forth with you all day. The point is I am not impressed with what you say about yourself. You try to do all I did, then look at XDA and tell me how I provide service for my ROMS.

I am much more active on XDA because here I am not even that well known (heck I cannot even set up my sig or avatar yet). So I happen to frequent XDA more. I provide unparalleled support for my ROMS.

You have no business ranting at me, telling me how wonderful you are, and then have the nerve to take my response to your problem and act like it was yesterday's news. If you are that wonderful, then how come new people to rooting are enjoying my ROM problem free and you seem to be having more problems than most?

In fact, most are not having ANY problems, usually when they do it is because they did not wipe or they installed a MOD (especially themes) which interferes with the ROM's programming.

Know how I know this ROM works? I am using it on my phone and tested it extensively before I put it out there. If there was a problem with it I would be quick to fix it, like I always have. You assume way too much.

I got it right the first time and I blame myself when I am at fault. I have had already over 1000 downloads of my ROMS and guess what? Only a few people having problems. That tells me it is working well. You show me one ROM on here that has been around and not one person has had a problem with it....I will wait for you to show me that.

My ROM is little more than the stock 3.29 OTA with lots of tweaks, customizations, and some apps added and taken away. None of which break things.

This is my thread. You want to be nice and if you have a problem, just ask and I will be happy to help. You want to be rude? Well, you know what to do in that case. The fact you are comparing a custom ROM to a business is interesting in itself.

'NUFF said.

you know how i know your rom doesnt work well on my phone? because i did what i do with every other rom that works well and yours didn't work well. 3 out of 4 worked perfectly and yours is the 4th that didn't.. guess what? it's not me..

no comment on other junk you wrote.. what i said went over your head
I'm forced to use this crap until WP7 gets released on sprint

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