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Re: [ROM] Azrael v2.5 (for hardware 0001, 0002, and 0003) Updated 11/15/2010

Originally Posted by ricsim78 View Post
I support my ROMS just fine. I am sorry if I missed your post but if you have issues, it is your setup and not the ROM. Actually, I was about to respond to you and then I read this.

I mainly stay on XDA, I would spend more time here but I cannot set up my signature or even my avatar yet.

I guess you have a sense of entitlement where you feel if you do something, people should respond or else on YOUR time schedule. It has not even been 12 hours since you posted that question.

I can say since the ROM is working fine on my phone, using your logic I guess you should not be using custom ROMS if you cannot figure out how to get them working!

Please, go use another ROM, I have no time for people like you...internet "tough guys". I am nice enough to post a ROM and you are going to blast me just because I missed your post?

Check my posts on XDA, everyone talks about how I give unrivaled support to my ROMS. Maybe you should think next time before you go into a child-like rant?

Plus you cannot count, there has been 3 posts after yours. I am so sorry I was busy building 2 ROMS, setting up their posts on both here and XDA, building options for said ROMS, supporting both ROMS, and I missed your post.

You made that post last night, did you ever think I may have been sleeping or busy? Sometimes people amaze me......

If you were a mod here, I wouldn't post here. Thankfully the real mods are good people.
i posted at 12:18am, the other posted at 1:08am and you posted 1:38am. when did you sleep????

I run an IT service business as a young man and the 2 words that make me one of the best in the business when it comes to Windows and MAC based IT services is "PASSION AND RESOLVE"

When i do something i give it 110% to get it right the first time. In the 14 years i've been running my small business i would say i have had a handful of call backs and i have never said "it's not my fault, it's yours". I have never said "call someone else if you don't like it".

Why? because i am extremely passionate about what i do and make it right if i wronged it.


edit: it's not personal, i am very forthright with what i have to say.
I'm forced to use this crap until WP7 gets released on sprint

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