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Problem with Fender Ringer Volume - Speaker Short?

My Fender MyTouch's ringer volume tends to short out to a near mute even when the visual bar tells you that you have the ringer volume up close to or at maximum. I have to constantly turn my phone off and back on daily for it to go back to normal. Most times this happens after I've had the volume completely muted at bedtime, but it'll happen after the volume's been up and working normally too. It seems like it might be a short in the speaker, but who knows. I have no other trouble with media volume, call volume, etc. - just the ringer. So if you're experiencing this problem too, any insight would be appreciated. Maybe someone out there knows a trick to fix it permanently that I don't? I'd really like to avoid taking it in to a T-Mobile store, but if it comes down to that, so be it. Thanks!
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