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re: [Very Clean] WhiteStone WM6.5 C2 ★ C3 ★ C5 latest ver (Nov.10.2010)

Using 3a - COM5 B 23569 CHT

Ok.. for those of you looking for HQ Youtube this is the ROM! Wow.. I know what I've been missing.. it's like night and day!!.. a few videos seem to be out of sync but.. WOW!

You will have to put some work in on this ROM though, you have to set up MMS and Data connection yourself but it's pretty easy. Great ROM so far! Very quick, responsive, CHT 2.0 seems to run smoothly here but it's only been a few hours since I've flashed. It's pretty much very similar to the Stedysoft Fulldeck ROM as a matter of fact I think the kitchens used to make the ROMs are the same. Excellent work Syber1a

MMS Settings:
Server Name=VZW
IP address=0
Port number=80
Server address=
Connect via=Verizon Wireless
Message size limit=1024
WAP version=None

Data Settings:
Name: Data Network Connect
Select a modem:Cellular Line
Number to be dialed:#777
User name:
password: vzw
Domain: BLANK
Favorite ROMs for Imagio right now:
Project Teya - THE BEST I've used!! =D>
- Very Clean D2C2 ROM Ver 3a -> Notes/Tips/Bugs
- Stedysoft FullDeck R14 -> Notes/bugs/tips HERE

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