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Re: |RHODIUM CDMA|.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.- Energy -.¸¸.·´¯ * |Nov 2| 21916|21683 * Sense 201

Originally Posted by jonlee83 View Post
Hey guys,
using swype and it works great for everything except one. When i load the kb in any search field, online, calender, i can type right away but when using the texting for sense, i tap the text box and keyboard pops up... Then when i type it take 30 15-30 seconds for the words to show up... This only happens this texting with sense. everything else is qiuck and responsive.
Anyone have any ideas? I was also reading people using SLIDE IT. Is that only for droid or can we use it too. If so, can someone link me the app?
Thank you!
I have the same issue, but a lot of things on my phone behave like that too. I am thinking when I flash a new rom, to use the 1.8.5 CHT to see if it is any faster and try the older swype.
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