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Re: |RHODIUM CDMA|..`..- Energy -.. * |Nov 2| 21916|21683 * Sense 201

Hello all,

I just wanted to thank all of you, and especially NRGZ28 for a fantastic ROM and experience on my Touch Pro2. As of day, I am now yet another EVO user. I will admit that I was very reluctant to go this direction. I had the Touch Pro2 for a year and a month and I had the Touch Pro for over a year before that. I put Energy on the TP2 the day I got it. I didn't use the Sprint ROM for longer than a minute. It was awesome despite the bugs, lock ups, and other weird things. I learned a lot about XDA_UC and the pros and cons of WM6.5. I didn't post often here, but when I did, my questions were usually answered.

As for now having an EVO, I really like the 4.3" screen, 4G (it's available here), and the fast 1GHz CPU. I am not so keen on not having a slide out keyboard or Windows Mobile or Windows Phone 7. I will be searching high and low for a suitable replacement to sync with Outlook and hopefully OneNote. I'm also very skeptical about Android. It's still young although the large user-base for it makes for some good hacking and development.

I was tempted to hole out for a Windows Phone 7 device, but the line up announced so far didn't appeal to me too much. The 7 Pro looked like the successor to the TP2, but it doesn't have 4G, and there's not much different in terms of the design.

I've got a lot to learn about Android. Maybe I'll see some of you in those threads.

Anyways, thanks again.
Sprint HTC EVO
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