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Re: Intrepid GSM Carrier Locked

OK folks its in the thread but here it is again.. just for the record.....

You have to have the MSL.. dont bother sprint, unless you want your plan farged up....

anyway.. best way to get MSL is provision ANY other phone on your acct via the web.. then provision this phone back on your acct.. when you do so, the web will give you the secondary lock code to program your phone.. thats the msl..

now to get your phone working with any sim card..

go to these settings... (just love winders don't ya)

This is from the home screen:

hit the winders I mean windows key.. then,

settings,personal,phone, then on the bottom tabs Security......

there is a big button marked "SIM Lock" push the button.
It will ask you for the security code USE THE MSL.

phone reboots.. it works with ATT I just verified while writing this howto.

enjoy the unlocked phone... It will only get 2g service in the US (128k) data.
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