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Re: |RHODIUM CDMA|.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.- Energy -.¸¸.·´¯ * |Oct 25| 21916|21683 * Sense 20

NRG: Twitter (couple days ago)
Starting 2morrow... I'm gonna spend a day in the thread of each of the devices I make ROMs for, to answer questions, fix bugs, get suggestions

Let's save him some time & hunting around & get them summarized. Please help post your questions/bugs/suggestions & I'll summarize later..., we'll come up with a final main list before he even gets here...! Here's a start
People with Q's or bugs or the issues below should do a short post, WHAT ROM & CARRIER you have & if you still are having issues. (NOT quote this long post)
DISCLAIMER: personally don't have some issues with some of these, just simply trying to summarize frequent questions & perceived bugs... Some suggestions post in green after Question/issue below.

TOP Asked questions & bugs in this thread
1. Why is MMS not working?
* must run Boesh MMS cab in paperclip
2. Where is paperclip?
* The beginning of the list of threads of each forum topic
3. Why are my : & / keys on my keyboard mixed up?
* you have to run your carrier (verizon) provisioning: program/tools/carrier settings
4. Why doesn't the bluetooth work properly? It works on everyother ROM... It doesn't hang up or there is a long delay after hitting hangup. (many have burned other ROM's due to this problem)
5. Why doesn't my phone hangup? #777 issue
6. Will you burn in the NK.exe CMONEX patch? Or, does your kitchen already have it built in?
7. The contact pictures aren't showing up in the list form on my dialer.
* problem when running 2168x
8. Lockscreen issues
9. My screen doesn't come back on. SOD (sleep of death).
* possibles: old ROM's did it more with early Cookie versions & betas (update ROM), lockscreen issues, remove or slow down your overclocking..
10. Keep getting low memory message: (look in settings & use the start menu layout switch to change to panel, CSM or Sense startmenu. read step VII.
11. Why are MMS pics limited to 1 MB: Kiowa: cab named "sprint arcsoft mms 5mb size" to change from 1mb to 5mb
12. Is there a fix or CAB to get DRM working on this ROM?
13. Battery life sucks! What can I do? read step VI.
14. Regardless of the ROM I use, it always ends up slowing down.
quick answer: Large files of text, twitter, mail, etc.. move to SD card...
15. Takes too long to set up a new ROM, how can I make it faster?
QA: Post # 5
16. Did anyone ever come up with an easy .Cab to fix for usb tethering? USB tethering is not working.
17. New? freeze/sod while playing music?... if the screen off with the power button (or time out..), music will freeze and force a SR after 30 seconds or so.
18. New MMS shortcut not working.
19. QuickGPS automatically download satellites? Yes I have it checked off but it never downloads automatically.

1. Build in NK fix or at least give some info as to why not or if you already have it built in.
2. Build in MMS fix to ROM or carrier provisioning
3. Fix BT hangup issue
4. Fix USB tethering
5. Fix DRM
6. Look into phone hangup & lockscreen issues.
7. Fix new MMS shortcut in the action menu. (sprint, ROM?)
8. Fix Quick GPS to auto update when checked. Not working
9. On the Oct 25 21682 Sencity Theme ROM... When u press action and camera it takes u to the camcorder, also Data disconnects sometimes while using data.

In a Media app (YouTube, HTC Album, CorePlayer, TCPMP, etc.) and try to change the volume, the volume panel thing comes up and if I have a video going on in the background the part of the video outside of the panel freezes while the video continues playing in that little tiny box thing...on the stock ROM that if I change the volume in Media apps like the ones listed above, a HTC style volume indicator would pop up on the side and the video would continue playing like normal.

DaveTN, Kiowa, DatBioDame, Walrus, Straightup, Maxx, Mann, other VIP regulars in this thread please post others/any I missed... trying to hit the big & common ones.

Anyone else please advise also with either things you'd like to see or common questions/bugs/suggestions you've seen multiple times here that I missed. Will compile into one big list & hopefully even give links back to within this thread where the discussions took place. ~thanks in advance

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