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Re: How To Compile Your Own Kernels, Modules, Tinboot (NAND boot), and More for Begin

Originally Posted by edwill View Post
OK, installed wine and added the extra folders. I did start over to make sure everything was done correctly.
I will try running the script with rhod210 when I get home if this isn't resolved. I myself ran it as rhod400, so I will see what different results I get when I run it as your model.


Try finding this part of the code in the script:

$TOOLCHAIN_PATH-objcopy tinboot.o -O binary tinbootxip
mv tinbootxip xip/$1
and changing it to
$TOOLCHAIN_PATH-objcopy tinboot.o -O binary tinbootxip
mkdir xip/$1
mv tinbootxip xip/$1
that should clear up the first error, unless it cannot find tinbootxip. if thats the case, i will have to look at it more when i get home

mv: cannot move `tinbootxip' to `xip/rhod210': No such file or directory
as far as the
mv: cannot stat `os.nb.payload.NEW': No such file or directory
i will have to wait until i get home to look at. that'll be like 3 hours or so.

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