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Re: |RHODIUM CDMA|..`..- Energy -.. * |Oct 25| 21916|21683 * Sense 20

I absolutely love this rom! I just flashed 21683 Sense 2.5 Cookie 2.0 sencity Oct.25 last night and I think its awesome! I am so happy to be able to use everything right out of the box...sms, mms, data, all good!

I do have a few questions though...

1. The font in my email is larger than I'm used to. I can't read the preview anymore. I thought I saw an option to change this somewhere but I can't find it.

2. Can anyone tell me what the cab "Lock_Auto" is for? Its in the attachments for this thread but when I searched I didn't find anything.

3. I was using the BigMaxSense Rom for a while and whenever I was listening to the WMP if I clicked the "X" button it wouldn't shut off the music. Is that just something different on that particular rom or do I have to change some kind of setting now? I just liked that because it was easier if I wanted to use another application while the music played in the background.

4. What exactly do the toggle switches "proximity sensor" and "proximity relight" do? I know what the proximity sensor does, but is that something that gets turned on and off?

Can anyone help me out? Thanks sooo much!!!
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