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Re: |RHODIUM CDMA|..`..- Energy -.. * |Oct 25| 21916|21683 * Sense 20

Originally Posted by teradog View Post
Hey, first you missed the chance on the post above you :>)) (timely lol) (you guys gotta help some of these now :>))

re. what it does... I attached the link to the detailed discussion & a high level summary... no sense in me restating it.. please see link.. *edit* errrr at least I thought I did... hold on I'll take a look...
*edit* here you go:
xda-developers - View Single Post - Latest Windows Mobile Builds [SYS|XIP.bin]

hey hey... if NRG is using the ervius kitchen... & using implantxip & payload resizer.. already done! :>))
"If you are using the Implantxip & Payload Resizer v. 1.1 by ervius!!! in your kitchen the NK.exe is automatically patched for nocert thats why I never felt the need to patch the nk.exe separately."
Latest Windows Mobile Builds [SYS|XIP.bin] - Page 121 - xda-developers
or kitchen of Baren:
kitchen of Barin - the nk is patched on demand st8719145

re. 21682: that was then, this is now (21683) always use the latest

Sorry no idea what you mean on the last 1/2 of your post... are you talking about installing the NK patch? If so, again please read the xda link, it's a cooked in thing in the kitchen, not a user patch. That's why everyone is asking if/when NRG is going to cook it in...

So maybe we should twit him to see if already in...

Thanks for answering my question. Yes, I was talking about maybe installing it in myself. But now I know I can't. Just have to wait for NRG to cook it in, if it's not already in.
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