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Re: New Dialer with contact pictures shown

Originally Posted by Monfro View Post
i had some spare time and i wanted to look better the whole dialer thing.
The dialer i posted some days ago is working well, but it included a lot of files that are already cooked in (so it takes a lot of rom space).
I removed the Contact Picker part, as the Appointment Editor one, leaving only the files about the dialer itself.
The dialer now is 2.5MB, instead of 6.5MB of the old version.
I didn't wrote the amount of free rom i had before installing this...but for sure this dialer takes really less space!!
I restored NRGZ's icon for the keypad.

You can download it from here

- Before installing KILL CPROG (with Arkswitch or dotfred Task Manager)
- This Dialer is only for WM6.5.X (for example 21682, 23569, 23138...)

Thanks for the great work. Any chance you know how to eliminate the End Call button on the Call Status screen when in a call? Since the Keyboard screen has the end call button and there is a physical end call button I find the duplicate on the Call Status screen to not only not be necessary but to also be prone to allowing error (I hit it when I am trying to mute or unmute my phone).
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