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Re: [Rom] Redemptive rEVOlution 1.9 *UPDATE* 10/27/10 NEW EVO FRAMEWORK!!!

Change Logs

*Version 1.8 Released 10-18-10*
  • Picture Messaging fixed and fully functional
  • *New* 4 in 1 Power Button Reboot Added "Hot Restart" (Reboots in less than half the normal time)
  • Using Libs from the newest Incredible Sense Release on 10/13
  • Using Kernel from the newest Incredible Sense Release on 10/13
  • Updated the following Apps from the newest Incredible Sense Release on 10/13
    1. HTC Camera
    2. MMS & MMS Widget
    3. Mail & Mail Widget
    4. Visual Voicemail (Now included by default)
    5. Calendar Provider, Calendar & Widget (should fix memory leak)
    6. HTC Music & Widget
  • Removed Barcode Scanner and BusyBox Installer
  • Updated Googe Quick Search & Voice Search
  • Speed Improvements
Version 1.7.1: (Maintenance Release)
  • Update-Script completely re-written to hopefully address a very small number of users failing install due to /data/app and permissions.
  • Fixed MMS bottom row icon issue
  • Fixed MMS widget
  • Fixed VVM
  • Fixed HTC Music App and Widget not reading Internal Storage
  • Updated to new Wireless Tether Pre 11 (Thanks somekid13 for the heads up)
  • Updated to new Redemptive rEVOlution boot animation from dimebagedan65
Redemptive rEVOlution Previous Release Change Logs:
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