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Re: |RHODIUM CDMA|..`..- Energy -.. * |Oct 25| 21916|21683 * Sense 20

Currently running Energy.RHODCDMA.21916.Titanium.Oct.15.7z ROM with titanium disabled with SPB trial active. (I chose 21916 because there is no need for the bottom bar that SPB takes over, I hear that the new 21683 ROMS are faster but i have no issue with speed) When it boots up I have 119 MB RAM free from fresh boot (it starts off as high as 132MB but when SPB is done loading it goes to the 119.) I am using the panel start menu but I have the SPB start menu take over the soft start winkey (anyone have a reg edit to make it work for hard key?) and I have it OCed to 710. Battery life is great and SPB is very fast! I did install the graphics cabs that i posted a few pages back. I use baticlock or whatever its called to go over top of the broken battery icon on the top bar that displays time, battery %, and free RAM.

One thing that I still cant find a fix for is the task icon that is suppose to be in the top right of the 21916 ROMS. I would love to see updated titanium ROMS to try out SPB on (pls pls pls!) Thanks for all that you do NRG!

I am in LOVE with SPB and riding out the free 15 days before I (happily) throw the 30 bucks into it. I enjoy the cookie ROMs but I will have a hard time going back to something that isnt as solid as SPB.
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