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Re: [ROM] 10.27.2010 StedySoft "FullDeck r.14" ~ CHT 2.0.0 ~ Sense 2.5.2019 ~ COM3

Thanks again for continuing to update this ROM, definitely one of my favorites!

So far here are my findings:
- Overall, pretty fast like you said, very quick and responsive. CHT 2.0 seems to give most of the problems.

- CHT giving unexpected error when trying to customize it, I think this is just a bug in CHT 2.0. I'm not the hugest fan of CHT 2.0 but your ROMs tends to handle it a bit better as it was developed on the Imagio versus NRG's which tend to show slight lags over a few days as he has no Imagio to test on at the moment.

- Other small CHT Bugs: Bluetooth shortcut on the quicklinks turns on but doesn't seem to want to turn off, settings don't take sometimes untill you either restart sense or restart device. This didn't used to happen in CHT 1.85 but again, you can learn to live with it untill they update all of these in the next development of CHT 2.?

- Microsoft Myphone and Bing apps need to be updated

- The keyboard issue with sending emails is fixed. No need to install 3rd party keyboard!

- MMS server needs to be setup, instructions are as follows:
Messages > All Messages > Menu > Settings > Menu > MMS Server > Select Verizon > IP address = 0 > Server address - scroll over to far right, where it says "yournumberhere" put your phone number in minus quotation marks.
Favorite ROMs for Imagio right now:
Project Teya - THE BEST I've used!! =D>
- Very Clean D2C2 ROM Ver 3a -> Notes/Tips/Bugs
- Stedysoft FullDeck R14 -> Notes/bugs/tips HERE
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