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Internet for home network using WMWifiRouter

Not sure this is the right place for the Question; however I don't know where it would be better to ask this.

I use WMWiFi since my digs have no access to Cable or DSL.

Since I use WMwifi I have to disconnect from my home network. I want to connect my WMwifi to my Router so I can access internet just like I had Cable or DSL.

I have a Netgear 801.11n for my home, but I also have an old Linksys 801.11b laying around.

Could I connect the Phone with WMWifi to the 11b and then connect that to the WAN port on the 11n Netgear? maybe I would have to use the Linksys 11b as a Bridge?

Any Advice or pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated
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