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Re: Unlocking Mytouch 3g For other carriers

Originally Posted by monkeyboy View Post
will Tmo balk at giving me the code if it becomes obvious that my MyTouch is on Tmo prepaid?
Prepaid or not, shouldn’t matter. Your argument is that you are going overseas, and you plan to take your phone with you. And you plan to buy that country's pre-paid SIM card. But since your phone is locked to only T-Mo, it won't read the other country's SIM card. That is why you want an unlock code, so once you get there, and plug that "other" SIM card in, it will say that it’s a wrong card and won't read it, you can unlock it then. I say that since you have prepaid, this case is even batter, because it’s more obvious that you want to take your phone on your vocation/business trip with you.
This had worked for me on 4 different devices. MyTouch 3G is going to be more better for you, you would rather take your GOOD phone, than buy some piece of crap over there. Give it a try, they won’t kill you if you try. Just make sure that they’ll understand that you are going over to “Italy” and you want to take your phone with you. (If they’ll ask anything about charging, tell them you are planning to charge it over USB connection with a computer.)

If all works, they will ask you for the “IMEI” number, located underneath of your battery. So make sure you use a phone other than the one in a question, to talk to them on. That number is the first number under the very first BAR CODE. 14 digit number, they will need only first 13 digits. Supply them with an e-mail that you check regularly, as HTC is going to e-mail you this code, there. This code is generated for YOUR IMEI number, so it will only unlock your device (So don’t try to sell it on eBay or anything).

After T-Mobile/HTC e-mails you with a code (usually up to 7 business days, but could be sooner), find your local AT&T store (NOT A RETAIL LOCATION, but AT&T store). Go in there, and buy AT&T SIM card ($5 I think), plug this card in instead of T-Mobile’s, it will not be able to log in to the network, here is where it will ask you for the unlock code. Supply it. BUT BUT BUT you have to be EXTREMELY careful here, there is a HHUUGGEE possibility you can “Brick your phone” on this step, so you got be careful. You have 3 tries to mess the entry up, before you “Brick” it. By the way, if you DO brick it, it voids your warranty and you got a useless and expensive piece of junk on your hands.

As soon as you supply it with a right code and you hit “Submit or Enter”, your phone will pop up with a dialog box saying that your phone is “Unlocked” or “Your phone is ready for a SIM card”, something along those lines.

Your phone is unlocked, and you saved yourself $40-50! Good Luck!!
Thank You
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