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Re: Unlocking Mytouch 3g For other carriers

Originally Posted by StylinOnUm View Post
Im trying to unlock this mytouch 3g to make it fully functional on other carriers...any help?
Hii. Do you have the unlock Code?? You need to insert a different carrier's SIM card in your phone. Then it will ask you for an "unlock code" as it will try to sign on to a different carrier's network. And that is when you plug it in. It should be a long number, and don't search Google for it, as that number is generated from YOUR phone's IMEI number. You have 3 chances to enter the correct code to unlock it. If you make mistakes on all of the 3 tries, your phone will "brick", basically it will be useless. And if you try to get a warranty exchange, they'll know what happened. What you can do, is to contact T-Mo, and tell them that you are leaving the country for 2-3 months, and you want to use your phone overseas. Lie to them that you need it unlocked, basically. They'll take your IMEI number (that is why you don't try to Google for an unlock code) and they'll ask you to provide them an e-mail address for HTC to contact you there and send it to you. Once you get that unlock code "XXXXXXXX", you find a local AT&T Retail store, you go there and you ask to buy a SIM card ($5-10) (not many carriers sell their SIM cards), insert it into your MyTouch, and it will ask you for an unlock code. That is where you need to be extremely careful, make sure you don't make any mistakes. You will have 3 chances, before making your phone A BRICK! If you enter the correct code, and press "Submit or Enter" and you get a message back "Your phone is .............", then you are all good to go. Good Luck!
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