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Too many meal choices!

After extensive lurking and looking about the Internets, I am at a loss as to what ROM to use, or where exactly to get all the bits to make my own. (except for the main 'kitchen' program)

Here's the lowdown - my Mogul is a Qwest deal, savaged in perfect condition from a corporate discard pile. I don't need the phone features (I have a Tracfone for that) and use it as a camera/media player/flash drive.

What I would really like would be to have some kind of auto-detection feature for wireless networks. There are plenty of local places with free wireless, but trying to connect with the built-in comm manager is literally a pain in the neck.

I'd also like to install the very newest version of Windows Mobile. Is 6.1 the latest that will work on this device? I see that number popping up a lot.

Eagerly awaiting advice...

(BTW, it would be really nice if there were a stickied thread with WORKING links to the more popular ROM's.)
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