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Re: Phone lagging when 4G is on

Originally Posted by cuellarm View Post
Has anyone noticed their phones lagging when 4G is on? I think I started noticing this sometime after the latest update. Every time I turn on 4G, I do get a signal, but then everything starts lagging... scrolling, opening/closing apps, moving between screens, etc.

It gets so annoying that the only solution I can find is to reboot. Even if I turn 4G off, the phone continues to lag. It never lags when on 3G only or wifi.

Is this a known issue? any ideas? I couldn't find any threads on this particular issue, but I have found reports about it in other forums. Thanks.

Non-rooted Evo, 2.2, build 3.29.651.5
I had problems with lagging on wifi with the stock rom. i am running a custom rom based off 3.29 now with no problems.
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