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Originally Posted by The Coach View Post
I'll back this up. Between my company's exchange server and My Phone, I can brick my phone and not even worry about it. I do use PIM for call history, but I'm not really that worried if I loose that.

Mix in a little XDA_UC and I am flashing twice a week and back up and running in 45 minutes.
Originally Posted by DatBoiDame View Post
Im going to cosign with u guys, I use MyPhone to backup my browser favorites, word documents & ringtones. Works great for me
Originally Posted by Jim8181 View Post
+1... It works great for my purposes.
Thank y'all for your replies.
I am glad I see others see the benefits. I wasn't sure if there was a huge flaw in MyPhone I was missing because hardly anybody in the forum ever mentions it. I like it can back up favourites, contacts, pictures, text messages, and even the SD card.
And by mistake I found another feature, you can move things to the archive, so they stay stored in the server but don't go back to the phone unless you take them out of the archive, for example old text messages. That can be very useful if you ever have to go back to one from months ago.
-As for printing, I found one piece of software, HP has a printing program for PPC, it is not the best but it works! It is free too!
- I am trying to find a registry tweak to make the predictive text work like it did in my Palm 800w, where it not only suggests a word, but it actually suggests often used phrases, anybody know it?
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