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Re: |RHODCMDA|..`..- Energy -.. * |Oct 7| 21916|21680 * Sense 2018

Originally Posted by DatBoiDame View Post
No problem!! get it here: xda-developers

Actually when u disable the Android lockscreen & go to CHT editor and enable CHT Lockscreen & choose the HD Mini Lockscreen it has a Sencity theme applied & looks really nice!! Im not sure if thats NRG's work or because I installed that cab... LOL Im satisfied, doesnt look "exactly" like the sencity screenshots at xda but good enough for me!!
well for some reason it says installation unsuccessful on mine... is there any way you could send me that .cab that u r gonna make ... thanks

EDIT: those toggle switches works fone on mine... the difference from the original ones is that they don have those switch on-off icon.. its just shows the icon, example: weather icon when its off, but when u tap it or turn it on it shows u the on-off vertical bar as well... havent noticed any problem yet...
EDIT: i think i see what ur saying now... lol... mine does that too.. i thought that was how it was supposed to b.... my bad bro...

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