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Re: [ROM] T-Mobile ROM for Sprint Touch Pro 2 Phones ~ WM 6.5 21889

I'm still kicking the tires on my Verizon TP2, but after a little confusion on my part about what things I needed to flash before I could load this ROM, I've got it installed and it looks and works beautifully.

A few things from my experience that might help someone else:
1) I had my phone SIM unlocked just after I bought it, but not using the Olinex tools. As a result, the whole process of trying to flash the World Unlocked radio kept causing me big issues. The long and the short of it: I didn't need to do the radio part or the SIM unlock part, because those things were already taken care of for my phone and I was already able to use the GSM network for calls. I made sure I had a working stock ROM and radio for Verizon, ran Hard SPL, and then was able to install this ROM without further incident.
2) As of right now, calls and SMS are working just fine via the T-Mobile network, and data services are also good (although Opera seems to be running a bit slow). I'm not able to get MMS to work yet; from what I've read, this seems to be a persistent problem with Verizon and Sprint TP2s on T-Mobile. I'm also still working to get Visual Voicemail up and running; again, because of difficulty getting my Verizon phone to talk to all of T-Mobile's services, I've had to take this off and put it back on my account to try and get it properly set up. I hope that this ROM will make it easier to work that out finally.
3) In general, I love the clean, simple look and the selection of apps. Things I don't see that I'd love to get back in a supplemental CAB: WorldCard for scanning business cards and Twitter/HTC Peep. If anyone knows how I could get my hands on those, a link would be greatly appreciated.

Again, thank you so much for the ROM; I'm getting ever closer to a new, happily customized phone!
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