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Re: Greetings!!! This my HOWTO for cooking your own ROM.

Originally Posted by allanak View Post
Great writeup Of course, I find myself trying to do with with more complicated apps and run into some issues.

I go and extract all the files, but their install location isn't the same for all of them, say %InstallDir%\Sling Media\Slingplayer Mobile and some other files go into a subfolder of Channels (for icons, etc).

So I'm assuming that this method places the files in \windows since the writeup didn't specify anything else. What about packages that put files in multiple folders? I wanted to build slingplayer into my OEM, but it puts files in all sorts of folders, not to mention it has a setup dll and I don't know what to do with it.

Same goes with say...Palm SMS (for example! ) Suggestions?
Hey there,

I have been looking all over creation for an OEM SlingPlayer file. I have tried using OEMizer and creating my own with no luck. I see you were working on this as well and was hoping you may have had success. If you did could you hook me up with the OEM files or point me to a link where i can get them. This is the only missing piece of the puzzle i need to complete my personal ROM.
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