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Re: Amon_RA style recovery for Incredible

this has been fixed for awhile now.

Amon_RA style Recovery for Incredible Fully Working & New Features - xda-developers

Originally Posted by drellisdee View Post
Everything Should Be Functioning Properly & Some Extra Features Have Been Added.

I love Amon_RA's recovery images and decided to make one using his source code for the Incredible to give us another option other than clockwork. This is my 2nd recovery I've made since switching to android from windows mobile about two weeks ago. Lg ally was the other Link here . This one I built with an ext-4 kernel I compiled so you can partition apps2sd with ext4 in recovery but remember your rom's kernel must support ext-4 too.

Link to Amon_RA's nexus one recovery thread as it has a good description of what all the features are Link here

To use if you have s-off download the and unzip it to get the and copy that to the root of your sdcard. Boot phone holding down vol down and select yes to update.

To use with unrevoked recovery reflasher download the recovery-RA-v1.7.0.5.img and in recovery reflasher select file and custom recovery and navigate to where you downloaded the file.

Special Thanks:
Amon_RA for his source code Buy him a redbull
Team Unrevoked for the Recovery Reflasher and the S-off Link
Koush source code
worstenbrood source code for modded desire recovery

changelog v1.7.0.2 :
fixed data wiping and cache wiping as they are ext3 partitions not yaffs2
currently wiping cache can only be done with wipe cache not wipe data/factory reset
Thanks koush for the help
fixed flashing update.zips

changelog V1.7.0.3:
fixed small error in sd partitioning script

changelog V1.7.0.4 see attached pics
Added usb mount of phone's internal storage
Added toggle of signature verification on update.zips
Added gui mount umount menu

changelog V1.7.0.5
Changed script to correctly backup and restore /data/data and backup and restore .android_secure on /emmc if selected.



MD5= d8aae2598c6f7b3f441bbea2ba35beb1

MD5= 92d187e7b4bc6553e6daa369af8e55ce
MD5= 832a1980c30a7dd7dd7751020bf2fb45

recovery-RA-v1.7.0.5_GNM.img for recovery reflasher

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