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Re: Upcoming prototype WP7 device from LG - quick hands on impression!

Originally Posted by Whosdaman
There is a flaw to your whole arguement. The bugs are in the software, not the hardware. The hardware works perfect. Its up to the software people to make sure it work with the hardware. And that my friend is MS. HTC does make a face for the software they are provided with from MS though. So HTC can only do with what they are given.
Originally Posted by Whosdaman View Post
And your telling me WM never had major flaws either? Hero never had any issues except for the end button chipping and the Evo has a screen issue yes, but dust does not get under the screen, that has already been proven.

Let me go through the list of WM phones
Vogue - power button crack, flawed drivers, verizon never even officially release the GPS drivers for it
Diamond - Idk, i didnt pay attention
Touch Pro - Keyboard's flex cables went bad constantly, and the software was horrendous
Touch Pro 2 - LCD screen failed on numerous occasions. the phone constantly locked up on the stock roms, 6.1 and 6.5
HTC HD - Screen split issue, just like Evo
HTC HD2 - Camera had pink spots, GPS never locked
HTC Mogul - Every piece of hardware on every carrier had problems at one point or another.

Idk anything about the European phone, but I know they had problems too. Android phone rarely have problems with their software. It is very very rare they do. And if they do...a fix is released promptly unlike WM which took a year or more, sometimes a fix never came.
This makes no sense. Do you even read what you type? You said earlier that the problem with Windows Mobile phones is in Microsoft's software, not the hardware. Heck, you even said the hardware works perfect. But read what you just typed. How is any of that Microsoft's fault? What software or ROM is Microsoft going to release that can fix things like bad power buttons, keyboard cables, bad LCDs, and faulty cameras? The drivers are totally the manufacturer's responsibility because they choose what chips they use on each phone are have to make sure there are drivers available or written for Windows Mobile. If they supply bad ones, that's on them, not Microsoft. Like dishe said, plain Windows Mobile is a very stable platform. Its problem is the varying hardware that different manufacturers put together. It's the same reason a Mac or PS3 or XBox is typically more stable than a Windows PC -- less moving pieces and variables to deal with.

As for WP7, I'm still in the wait and see camp. I'm sure at some point I'll be moving away from WM since I don't see many if any new phones and development will stagnate at some point. I know the XDA community is strong, but I wonder how long that will hold out. Since WP7 isn't backwards compatible and I'll be starting from scratch, I'll be willing to consider WP7 or Android or even WebOS.

My biggest concern with WP7 is the home screen. While I like that it doesn't have tiles of icons, I'm worried it won't be customizable enough to my liking. While the hubs are updated and will somewhat like Windows Today Screen items or Android widgets, I'm worried they'll be too limited. I have to admit I like how you can customize Android's home screens with icons or widgets. That's closer to (and probably better than) Windows Mobile where we had the old Today screen with customizable plugins or HTC TouchFlo/Sense with panels of information. I'll just have to look into it when it comes out and see how well it all works. I've read that developers and even users will be able to make custom hubs so if that all works out, it could be nice.

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